Buffer Review - Updated post on Buffer

To Joel, Leo and Sunil,

Re: Buffer Acquisition of Respondly and Future of Buffer as Company


Great to see the newest @buffer product release. I've been part of the Respond beta version and seen it evolve into a principled solution for many groups; Now, Buffer with a few additions, could become a complete social media solution for larger companies, agencies and enterprises.

In the interest of Buffer transparency, I'll release my thoughts here on how to make this happen and happy to discuss with Sunil (@sunils34) and the awesome Buffer crew... they know how to reach me :)

Buffer is capturing new audiences everyday with these 4 primary verbs: sharing, building, responding, and analyzing.

The current - and projected - Buffer path to becoming a Billion-Dollar company appears to be:

I. Sharing: Core product (Buffer 1.0, 2.0...) + Email

II. Building: (Pablo 1.0, 2.0...) community.

III. Responding: This new product is a listening tool (Respond 1.0, ___ ) 

IV. Analyzing: forthcoming (insert name: ______ ) deep analytics resource.


Ok, so now we know where you are, but what should we add to the Buffer pipeline and future?

Well, there's a couple missing pieces which I hope to see on Buffer's path to becoming a Billion Dollar company: (I.) email integration on the Core product and (IV.) ROI Analysis/deep analytical tools. 

Email continues to be the largest form of communication for social media - for both enterprise and consumers - and could be combined with (I.) Core Buffer to boost capabilities. Simple integration of one's existing email lists where one could drag and drop Bufferized content into newsletters for subscribers? - (connect with these guys, @revue and @mdekuijper) Also, once email integration is added to the Core, you could have a Hotmail-esque email footer to reach billions of potential new customers. Big potential here.


And lastly, deep analytics - vis-a-vis rich content sharing/analysis (showing clear ROI analytics), which empowers decision makers to better allocate marketing resources and budgets across new channels and people. Both Buffer and Respond offer some analytics, but we need to re-invent and show decision makers at enterprises how they could increase revenues by utilizing Buffer.

Respond is a great step in the right direction, but look forward to being part of the next generation of Buffer's quest.

Get in touch. I'd be happy to help make these things happen and get more specific. 

Ross D. Blankenship,

Angel Investor and Startup Expert



My original Buffer investor post was here (http://goo.gl/07NI9b).

P.S. And good work to the Respond crew! (@Marc_Rosa@ivanazuber@boristroja@twanlass@mike_eck@misterfeeney,@djfarrelly) :)