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In Kings Over Aces, we discuss the importance of investing in established, experienced people, which describes the cofounders behind the site, Indeed. Paul Forster and Rony Kahn already founded, ran, and sold a company before they began to bootstrap Indeed. It's not surprising that they didn't bootstrap for an extensive amount.  After a beta release of the popular job listing site, the company raised $5 million in funding, which a Union Square Ventures (USV) representative said investors had to convince the cofounders to take.

According to that same USV associate, by the time the investment came, Kahn and Forster had launched the Indeed service and were on the way to success. Forster said a major principle of Indeed was to run efficiently and to remain laser focused on building the product over time. By 2012, that focus had paid off. Indeed generated around $150 million a year and had 550 employees. It was also poised for either a successful IPO or an acquisition. In the end, the company–which was valued at over $750 million–sold for an undisclosed amount. Guesses at the time were that the acquisition price ranged between $750 million and $1 billion.

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