"Populist investing." New Term invented by Ross Blankenship

At Angel Kings, we've invested in more than 35+ companies in various sectors - biotech, cyber security, drone tech, including software and hardware companies.  We're proud of these venture capital and private equity investments, and we're happy to say our investments have some of the highest realized and unrealized portfolio gains in the world.  But now we're raising the bar even higher.   Along with our mission to make serious profits for our investors, we're adding a new component: populist investing.

We believe investors should maintain power from start to finish.  You, the investor, must have the power to not only make money investing in the next big companies (startups and stocks) but also to affect change for the company's mission, values, and culture.  Wall Street should be Main Street.  And Wall Street should respect the wishes of its investors and the lives of those who are entrusting them with their hard working money.  Your money, your hard-earned dollars, should have a greater impact for future generations. 

Now when you invest in an Angel Kings led investment fund, you'll have the opportunity to literally take-over and re-invent a company's future.  We're bringing activist investing to the people.  Combining our smart analytics platform, proven formula for investing, and investment thesis, when you invest in our fund, you'll have the opportunity to implement changes to a company's financial and cultural bottom line.  

Angel Kings' Activist funds will target these four industries: biotechnology, oil & clean energy, manufacturing, and consumer products.  

With your investment, we're targeting reform for these companies:

  • Companies with massive growth potential, but poor management.
  • Companies with industry practices that are hurting American consumers. 
  • Companies with industry practices that are counter to equal rights and our Constitution.  

Examples of how we'll use the investment funds raised...

(Biotechnology Industry): when a company decides to raise drug prices on consumers (10x) overnight, it would normally take up to 36 months to pass a law or enforce regulations to help consumers.  With our funds, we'll be able to deploy capital immediately and buy enough of a stake in that company where our Board members can implement change, while also maintaining steady profit growth.  Our goal is to keep drug prices affordable through our private investments.

(Oil & Clean Energy): when an Oil & Gas company expands without recognizing its environmental impact on the locals, we'll step in immediately. Our goal is to promote clean energy practices within the Oil & Gas industry by investing in companies to reform their Board of Directors, and improve their long-term outlook.  

(Manufacturing Industry): when a company decides to move its factories abroad, we'll step in immediately to prevent outsourcing.  Our goal is to preserve American jobs by investing in companies that add factories and employees to the mid-West and American farmland.  

(Consumer products): when there are vast recalls because of a company's action or inaction, resulting in the lives of people due to a company's negligence, we'll implement invest to implement reforms and help the company rebound.  further, when a company makes decisions counter to the rights of the people, we'll step in to preserve the rights of Americans.  

The minimum investment for Angel Kings' activist funds is $250,000.  We're also restricting the number of investors in each fund to 100 or less, as we'd like to give investors the opportunity to meet, discuss, and make decisions on each company's future.  


To be clear, this is an independent venture... not bound by political affiliation or political power.  But we are bound by the fact that we're all united to make this country better.  Populist investing is here.  

Together, let's embrace profits with a new, unified purpose.  


Make money, while making America even greater.

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Ross D. Blankenship

Investing Expert, CEO Angel Kings Investment Group