Meet The Most Successful Lean Startups

Previously, we discussed the 5 lean startup principles to bootstrap your startups.  Let's recap what those are:

  • Entrepreneurs are everywhere.
  • Entrepreneurship is management.
  • Validated learning.
  • Innovation accounting.
  • Build-Measure-Learn.

So let's meet the startups who've managed to use these principles successfully, starting with:


Aardvark was founded by Max Ventilla, Nathan Stoll, Damon Horowitz and Rob Spiro in 2007.  It's a question-and-answer search engine that allows users to connect with each other and provide technical support and recommendations to other users.  Users connect submitted their queries via the Aardvark website, email, instant messaging or other social networks.  Similar to Pinterest, they tested their product by having beta users for their first release, and having those beta users invite new users.  They publicly released Aardvark in March 2009.

Google acquired Aardvark for $50 million on 2//11/2010 because the product was highly successful at querying users for subjective information and graphing the results.  

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