All About the JOBS Act of 2012

Since the passage of the JOBS Act in 2012, there has never been a better time to invest in startups.  The doors are opening wider for investors to be a part of the new startup boom, and the conversations between investors and startups have never been so loud and public.   The risk and potential reward have always been great.  But those investors who keep their eyes open and listen can turn the risk and reward in their favor.   

With platforms like AngelKings.com and crowdfunding sites growing under the JOBS Act, you now have the ability to make smart, calculated investments in the next billion dollar startups. Watch our video to learn more.

The JOBS act includes provisions regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) including Regulation D, 506 b, and Regulation D, 506 c, with the newest Regulation A for pre-IPO companies.  

The "JOBS ACT" includes many provisions related to the following for startups and startup funding raising rules and investing provisions:

Title I:  American capital markets 
Title II: Access to capital 
Title III:  Crowdfunding
Title IV:  Small company capital growth
Title V:  Private company flexibility and growth
Title VI: Capital expansion
Title VII:  Changes to the JOBS Act

An expert on the JOBS Act and startup funding, Ross Blankenship is the managing partner of Angel Kings, which provides an opportunity to invest in America's top startups.  

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