Angel Kings Topics: How To Value A Startup

We've all heard the different numbers that investors and startup founders come up with when it comes to their startup valuation.  Sometimes a founder may say they're worth $3 million, while investors may say, they're only worth $1.5 million.  But how do they come up with these numbers?  Why are they different?  

Watch the video below to learn about the valuation methods Ross Blankenship discusses in his book, Kings Over Aces.  Each method will be discussed further in the following posts.

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Ross Blankenship is an expert on startup funding, angel investing and venture capital.

Ross Blankenship is also the Founder and CEO of AngelKings.com.  Angel Kings is an investing platform that provides accredited angel investors the opportunity to invest in top startups and companies in sectors like cyber security, biotech, mobile, data and financial services.  Angel Kings provides both venture capital funds for startup investing as well as private equity funding for early and middle-stage investments.