SlideMail - Review of the Best Software Startups



SlideMail is an exciting startup that's newer than the two previously mentioned. The fledgling company managed to land $120,000 in seed investments through Y Combinator in mid–2014. What makes SlideMail hot is the way it takes a space that's been mined by giants such as Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail and makes it new again with a little bit of intelligence and one feature that may make SlideMail technology one of the big tech acquisitions of the future.

SlideMail is an app that helps you handle email interactions. The app does what a lot of the browser–based email applications attempt to do, but SlideMail's intuitive programming does it better. Much of the technology is based on natural language programming, which lets SlideMail interpret simple phrases within email as a human does. If an email contains phrasing about dinner tomorrow night, SlideMail makes a note within the app. As times approach, the mail program brings appointment– or time–based emails to the surface, ensuring users don't miss time–based messages in the hustle of daily communications.

SlideMail uses similar logic programming to adapt to user behavior. If you archive email from a certain person to the same folder repeatedly, SlideMail might prompt you to set up automatic archiving. It also suggests email actions in an intelligent fashion, which lets users move through over–burdened inboxes more efficiently.

These functions may sound familiar to users of existing email programs. Outlook and Gmail both have some functionality that can recognize times and dates, for example, and users can set up rule sets in both programs to automatically handle email. With SlideMail, however, the app suggests these things based on actual behavior so users don't have to come up with a list of behaviors on their own. Products that meet existing needs in a more efficient or convenient manner are often successful, which is why SlideMail would score well on Angel Kings' product checklist.

Even more than convenience, SlideMail's privacy option gives it an edge.  With increasing news stories about the eternal nature of online data–and a growing number of scandals involving hacked or leaked emails–users are growing more wary of email use. According to SlideMail, however, all data is stored within your instance of the application rather than on third–party servers. By deleting the app, you delete all information related to your email account. It's not perfect privacy, but it is more than most mobile email users get.

SlideMail hasn't hit its stride with marketing. Users and tech gurus have pointed out a number of branding and marketing options for the startup, however. The convenience and time–management features will resonate with college–aged audiences, particularly those who are always willing to step away from mainstream applications such as Gmail. Another market might be older users, who still rely on Yahoo or other sites for email and would like a robust mobile email program–SlideMail works with existing accounts through POP access.

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