Thalmic Labs - Review of the Top Hardware Startups


With over $15 million in investments since it launched in 2013, Thalmic Labs is an exciting hardware startup in an earlier stage than the previous three we covered. The company’s first product is an armband, called the Myo, which senses muscle movement in a user's arm and integrates with computers for virtual–reality style control. The armband offers more precise control than some other devices on the market, and Thalmic Labs originally showcased its prerelease product by flying a drone with it. The armband can also be used to control computing functions, including PowerPoint navigation, and some games.

With a release price of $199 each, Thalmic Labs didn't expect its products to hit wide consumer audiences at first. It was relying on early adoption crowds–techies, industry insiders, and gaming and computer developers–to buy its products on first launch in 2015. The startup did make what seems like a smart product launch choice–it launched on Amazon for added exposure and easy distribution.



While the Myo isn't going to be an international bestseller right away, the product and the company are exciting for investors because of the promise of future growth. The Myo is one of those rare products that is slightly before its time but is not first to market. There's a platform ready in the space for these types of control devices, and other hardware and computer uses are catching up, positioning Myo and Thalmic Labs to be big players in the next few years as drastic changes are made to the way users interact with computers.

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