Ninja Blocks - Review of the Top Hardware Startups


Another startup in fairly early stages, Ninja Blocks has identified what it considers a growing problem in modern homes: everything is connected, but connections are disparate and lead to poor user experience. The company, which is cofounded by Pete Moore, has received $1.7 million in funding so far, but the open–source nature of its product has let it move forward with development and preorder processes.

Pete Moore isn't new to tech startups; he previously founded Cenqua, which was later acquired by Atlassian. He is also an angel investor and startup advisor. For the Ninja Blocks launch, Moore teams up with cofounder Daniel Friedman.

One reason investors should watch this young company is that Ninja Blocks is poised to bring a wide–ranging solution to a growing and hungry market. Right now, it is targeting home automation–a market that is flooded with high–dollar solutions, service companies, and products that require mobile device access. 

Ninja Blocks is looking to provide the same solutions without the excessive expense or mobile requirements. Its open source policy also lets other product developers integrate control access, so the single Ninja Blocks device may be able to control entire homes and more in the future.

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