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The Next Billion Dollar Startups - Unicorns & IPOs for the Future

We predict the next billion-dollar "unicorn" startups will emerge from the following two industries - the Internet of Things and Cybersecurity - both of which are inter-connected.

The following six companies could very well become unicorns that survive and thrive in the next two years - no matter the market conditions.  We hope they become IPOs to reward their smart, early investors.  These are the hottest startups to watch - and will become billion dollar startups if they continue to execute with people, product, timing, and lean/frugal spending.

#1 The Internet of Things ("IoT") - Home, Drones and Cars

Old:  Dropcam, GoPro, FitBit

New Top Startups: Navdy, Temboo, Parrot Drones

#2 Cybersecurity Startups - Crowdsourced and Agile Cybersecurity

Old: Fireeye, Palo Alto Networks

New Top Startups: Synack Labs, SiftScience, Lookout Mobile

Here's an in-depth video describing the next billion dollar companies and what we should expect for 2016, 2017, 2018 and beyond: | Billion Dollar Valuation - Top Startups in 2015, hottest and must-watch startups for 2015 including best ranked list of start-ups from many industries and companies. Expert on startups & venture capital, Ross Blankenship ( describes which startups made these rankings and why some startups can become billion-dollar companies.

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