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Top Startups to Watch - The Next Big Thing for Future Technology

Here are the top companies and startups to look out for in the future as new industries and technologies emerge:

#1 The Internet of Things ("IoT") startups - new hardware startups building on both home and body.  An expected exponential rise will continue for the next 20 years and beyond.

Here's a helpful growth chart of the Internet of Things:


#2 Cybersecurity startups - 

Our book on the cybersecurity industry - projects that we'll see the Cybersecurity industry increase to more than $150 Billion Dollars per year by 2020.  We've got to start building more sophisticated hardware and software tools to combat cybercriminals and hackers abroad.


The biggest sectors within cybersecurity to protect will be healthcare, military drones, robotics, and financial technology (#fintech).  The military in particular faces massive hurdles protecting new drone technology as they deploy weapons systems abroad.  The financial technology industry continues to face new threats from cyber hackers and, our healthcare system's consolidation with Obamacare is now more critical than ever to protect.


#3 Biotechnology companies - Now that our genomics is mapped completely, we've got incredible biotech companies like Tute Genomics who are creating platforms for scientists to collaborate and build new cures.  Biotechnology innovation will be led by smart, agile startups and then furthered by established players like Merck, Roche, Astra Zeneca, Gilead, and Pfizer - who can use these technologies to build better drugs for patients. 

Here's a 10-year chart of how the growth in biotech investments has continued to increase:


I've also created a video on the topic to expand on the biggest trends you can expect in the future of startups: 

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