The JOBS Act and Startup Investing

Since the passage of the JOBS Act in 2012, there has never been a better time to invest in startups.  The doors are opening wider for investors to be a part of the new startup boom, and the conversations between investors and startups have never been so loud and public.   The risk and potential reward have always been great.  But those investors who keep their eyes open and listen can turn the risk and reward in their favor.  

Startup and angel investing is the new frontier for you to make maximum investment returns on your money. The closed-door process of venture capital has changed over the recent years that you are now allowed to invest in a startup during the seed level and get access before it becomes an IPO.  You also have the fortunate opportunity of positively impacting society.        

Here are examples of two successful angel investors for you to consider.  In August 2004, Peter Thiel wrote a $500,000 check for an angel investment in Facebook, giving him a 10.2% stake in the company. By the end of the company’s lockout period in August 2012, Thiel had pocketed $1 billion in cash, or thousands of times return on his initial investment.  

Ronald Wayne co–founded Apple with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. He received a 10% stake in Apple, which he sold for $800 two weeks later in April 1976. His 10% stake would have been worth more than $70 billion today.

Investing in Angel Kings puts you, the investor, in the best position to write a check, invest in the next Facebook and earn returns like Thiel.

We’ll show you how to find top startups like Thiel did, and how not to sell your stake too early, like Wayne did.  With our help, you won’t need the experience of having started your own company or become a founder to know what works and what doesn’t:  we’ve already been there.  

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