Hottest Top Startups of 2015 in America

The Angel Kings team has analyzed and ranked the top startups of 2015.  

We're proud to announce these best companies; and we expect them to all be Billion Dollar ("unicorns") by 2016 and beyond.  In fact, some of these startups have just made the list into the billion-dollar valuation territory.  

2015 Hottest Top-Ranked Startups

  1. Dropbox
  2. Buffer
  3. InDinero
  4. GitHub
  5. DraftKings
  6. Vice Media 
  7. Zenefits
  8. CloudFlare
  9. Zapier
  10. Angel List
  11. Stripe
  12. Sift Science
  13. ZeroFox 
  14. Airware
  15. Slack App
  16. Tute Genomics
  17. MixPanel
  18. Recurly
  19. Optimizely
  20. True Link Financial
  21. Blockscore
  22. Pebble Technology
  23. Sum Zero
  24. Asana
  25. Authy (just acquired by Twilio)

Our top start-ups rankings is based on Growth Score, User Metrics, and a Survey of Top Venture Capitalists in America, and likelihood of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) within 2 years.  We considered more than 1300 companies - from hot startup industries such as cybersecurity, hardware, cloud, biotech, enterprise, mobile, and vice industries.

Within our newly published book on startups and investing, "Kings Over Aces" - you'll find a review of each of these top-startups and hot companies.  

The Angel Kings team, including expert on startups and venture capital - Ross Blankenship - also discusses how to invest in startups.