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The Most Successful Lean Startups

The Lean Startup is one of many possible ways to build a billion dollar company.  It’s not perfect.  In fact, continuing to iterate one MVP after another can squander precious time.  If you haven’t found a customer after your fourth or fifth iteration, there’s probably a bigger issue with the founding team, product, execution or timing.  But if you’re a startup with little funding and you’ve got an engineer who can build something fast, give it a shot.  As my father once said, all diets work.  Whether you’re on a low carb, low sugar, low sodium or low fat diet, each make you more disciplined and thus make you lose weight.  Likewise, a Lean Startup approach can work to get you to market quicker, even if others like Peter Thiel argue there are other approaches that work better.

Votizen aims to mobilize voters by becoming the first social media network for voters. Votizen users managed to drive the first social media promoted bill into the Senate.

Votizen was founded by David Binetti, Jason Putorti, and Matt Snider in March 2010.  Votizen was able to grow rapidly due to clever marketing and lean startup methodologies.  Votizen's core product was empowering voters by an online platform that gathered the voices of the American electorate.  

Votizen's exit strategy was to be embedded in the political mainstream including .gov websites so strongly that they could be acquired one day.  Indeed, they were acquired by Sean Parker's Causes platform in 2013.  

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Ross Blankenship | Angel Investing and Startup Expert   

Ross Blankenship | Angel Investing and Startup Expert


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