The Best Ways How Startups Can Raise Capital (Seed Investing Tips)


How Do You Prove There's a Demand For Your Product So You Can Raise Money?

I'd like to show you briefly what the top three websites to raise capital are for startups. So, you want to raise money. You've got a startup. You've got a service. Where do you go? First and foremost, you don't always have to necessarily go pitch the next venture capital firm. Instead of doing that, maybe you've got a prototype or a concept that you want to prove itself that there's a demand for it.

The first site on our list, by far, is Kick Starter. Let's take a quick look at Kick Starter here. You've probably heard of it before, but it's a way in which you can find an endorsers for your product and get funding. Don't buy massive amounts of inventory or create variations of your prototype unless you can validate the need for your product and that people want to pay for it. Kick Starter is a simple site to get signed up. Once you sign up you can create a video, upload that video to promote your campaign and then connect your accounts so that you show that you're active on social media, your profiles are verified and that you're a legitimate person who's got a great prototype. Kick Starter's number one on our list.

Here are the top 3 startup investing platforms to raise capital (by

Here are the top 3 startup investing platforms to raise capital (by


How Do You Know Which Of These Websites Is Right For You?

In a similar vein, there's also Indiegogo, second on our list. Indiegogo, although a funny name, has an absolutely phenomenal platform to find out the demand for your product and to receive funding for your prototype. Indiegogo can support your mission for your startup before you even launch. 

We're a little bit biased here, but look at the end of the day I want to tell you something, which is that if you've got a startup that's more software based, or if you're cyber security or you're biotech, you're trying to create something really really big, right? This isn't just a watch that you want to create lifestyle business, which are what the 95% of Americans will create something that's a simple product, they might do it through Kick Starter or Indiegogo. However, if you're in the 5% of people who are trying to create a scalable platform that becomes potentially a billion dollar company, come to us to Angel Kings., I'm recommending it. Clearly with quite a bit of bias, but you know what? We work with phenomenal companies, and hopefully we get to meet you too, someday. 

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