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Top 5 Email Marketing Business Tools

Best Ranked Marketing Software Tools 

Best Ranked Marketing Software Tools 

Email Marketing Software

One of our top rankings that we've created here is Top 5 email marketing tools for startups & sales teams. By the way, what is email marketing? It's something that every startup needs to know and needs to know how to use effectively. More often than not, it can be a free tool, a very affordable tool if you pick the right one. 

The email marketing tools that we've ranked in our top 5 for businesses and consumers to use include the following. #1 Contactually, #2 Campaign Monitor, #3 Really Good Emails, #4 Revue, #4 Each of these provide ample opportunities for you, a startup, a founder, maybe you're a hacker, you're a hustler, a designer, social media maven, whatever, wherever you fit in, or you're an investor who wants to connect to potential investors through email software tools.

All of these are the best for you to use, to get out your email marketing. We've ranked Contactually and we're going to focus just on the best of the best. In full disclosure, we're an investor in Contactually, but Contactually, to be honest, is the best; we were using it long before we were an investor in the company. Contactually is an easy way to sort, manage and send out automated emails and reminders to yourself about who you should email on a regular basis.

Top Email Marketing Software Resources

Top Email Marketing Software Resources

It's great for real estate agents, it's great for VC firms like ours at Angel Kings. It's pretty much great for any startup that's selling either a product or a service, so check them out. When we rank these, we rank them based on a few things. One is whether we've used the product. We would never, ever recommend to you, a startup or an investor, a product that we have not used before. This is one of the most important things you need to know in searching for reviews about products, software and resources that can help your company grow sales and marketing.

The second biggest factor in our recommendation is the affordability. Is the marketing software affordable? Knowing where to spend your money as a startup when you're lean, you're hopefully lean and being frugal is above all more important than anything. It's an affordable tool that you pay per user with Contactually and you're able to sing up. Essentially, by having that subscription, it's a SaaS model, subscription as a service model that gives you an opportunity to get more outreach and therefore it pretty much pays for itself.

Other factors that we do in our rankings about Contactually include the ease of use or usability. It's phenomenally easy to use, you sync up your emails. They've got a great bucket tool where you can sort and arrange your contacts and know who's relevant and who's not relevant. It's very easy to use.

If you want to learn more about growth hacking, marketing and sales, here are some inside startup tips we've never released before.  Sign up before it's too late. I hope that was helpful for your growing startup or small business.


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