The Official Rankings of the Best Big Data Startups

What is Big Data?

The Official Rankings of the Top 5 Big Data Startups

The Official Rankings of the Top 5 Big Data Startups

The top 5 big data startups in America are as follows. First is Kaggle. The second is uBiome. The third is Clever. The fourth is Mattermark and the fifth is Keen IO.

 Big data is a concept that might be a little nebulous. When we say big data, it is the information that a company can use to make better decisions about its day to day existence: its logistics, its operations, its hiring, its customers, its everything that comes together in one big pile. You use all this information to be sorted and analyzed and parsed in a way that can make a company more efficient, grow faster and at the end of the day make more money.

Each of our ranked companies parse that data and give you some output or some better understanding of what decisions you should do and what decisions you should not do. That's big data in a nutshell.

These are the 3 we like. Kaggle is a brilliant crowdsource platform that takes all the big data scientists across the world - quantitative geeks and experts- sets up competitions for them to compete to take billions of data sets and to make decisions for big companies like General Electric better.  Prizes for these competitions can go as high as $250,000.

Big Data provides information that can be sorted and analyzed to help companies become more efficient and make more money.

For example, General Electric produces airplane engines so they want to figure out what the data is saying about each flight that's been operated and how the engine worked. They'll upload all this massive data, trillions of data set into Kaggle and then they'll set the competition. The best of the best data scientists will come up with a real sense of what that data means and give them information on how to make better decisions about building engines. That's what Kaggle is.

It also serves the company well because you spend a fraction of what you'd have to spend on hiring data scientists and a whole team. If you spent $250,000 on a competition versus hiring 5 or 6 data scientists who might cost $150k a year; you can see the benefit. A side benefit to using Kaggle is you also market the fact that you're a company that wants to do better and make better product decisions.

Big Data scientists are one of the most important members of a company's team who wants to improve all areas of efficiency.

Big Data scientists are one of the most important members of a company's team who wants to improve all areas of efficiency.

 uBiome is a platform that you should look out for. uBiome allows anybody to sequence your bacteria that's at the heart of who you are, in your stomach, literally. This bacteria provides, believe it or not, all sorts of potential impacts or implications from genetic predispositions to cancer to what sort of nutrition, what sort of things you should be eating. Which makes you the consumer make better decisions about your life. If you could find out you're predisposed to certain types of cancer based on the bacteria in your stomach or if you could find out that you're predisposed to a certain type of nutritional regiment, that could make better decisions.

 It still fits within that mind frame as I mentioned about being a better decision maker using all this trillions of data sets that are either part of your body or part of a company like GE.

 Clever is also another brilliant one. Clever gives school systems deep analytics about their students. That's the end consumer. The students and how they're interacting with subject material and makes school systems better decisions about how to put students in certain subjects and what sort of material they're responding best to. I like clever as a long term play in big data.

Mattermark helps you determine what the growth trajectory is for a startup.

 Mattermark ... I always joke that I was going to invest in Mattermark.  When I spoke to Danielle, I knew I should have because I absolutely love the thought leadership that Danielle Morrill is providing. She has done a phenomenal job, not just in the thought leadership space. Essentially what Mattermark is it's the Bloomberg for private companies. Whereas Bloomberg terminal provides instantaneous access to trillions of data sets, data points about publicly traded companies and gives traders the opportunity to make better decisions, Mattermark does the same for private entities. Insomuch that you can if you're a venture capital firm like Angel Kings, if you're an Angel Investor like I am, you can go to Mattermark, get the Mattermark score and determine what the growth trajectory is for a startup, what financial assessment that Mattermark has done, what is the social media influence that the company has because you want to make sure those metrics make sense in order to make an investment.

 That can also work for sales leads, generation. There's a variety of people that can use the big data there. We like Mattermark's potential.

 Keen IO is sort of the parsing, putting all this data together in 1 mindset and take all the customer information that comes through and flows through your website and provides a better sense for the developer of what all this data means. Growth analytics revenue center puts it all in 1 place, parses out and gives you the opportunity to focus on your business and see the bigger dashboard.

 Those are the top big data startups in America, starting with Kaggle all the way to Keen IO. Big fan of these and I've invested in newly top companies. I want to show you how to invest just like I have and have the same success. Make sure to sign up and reserve your spot on our course.  

How are these big data startups help companies, big or small, make better decisions?