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What are the top 3 CRM tools for your startup?

What is a “CRM?”

Here are the top three CRM tools for your startup. Now first, what is CRM? What does that mean, and what is that acronym? CRM equals Customer Relationship Management. Most often than not, you'll have a website when you have a startup.  You'll have forms; you'll have documents on your site; and you need to put it all in one place. Put it in one place, but then you have to connect with some of your end users. CRM is the common expression in the startup world in which you do that. What are the top three CRM best tools for startups and sales teams? How are you going to do that? How are you going to communicate with clients you have and keep them happy every day. Here are three.

The first CRM on our list is a company called Contactually. Second is Highrise, and the third is Intercom.


I want to give you some of the criteria. Why did we pick Contactually as our number one CRM best tool? We have a strict criteria at Angel Kings, which is that we have actually used every product that we recommend. We would never recommend anything to you as a startup founder, CEO, growth hacker, sales hustler, designer, whatever it is you might be, unless we've used the product and we can vouch for it. Second thing is the affordability factor. We have many companies we've invested in. We have to make sure that their budget is there. We have to be sure that they don't have a burn rate that lasts six months. We want companies that we invest in to last several years. So affordability is important, and Contactually is incredibly affordable. The third is that it is easy to use. What's its usability? How easy can you use that product, and does it work for you? As a common playing field, if we're recommending products we have to make sure anybody can use it. There's a level of ease of use that they have which we absolutely love. And last but not least is customer service. Customer service: the ability to reach out to Contactually and find out what it is that's going on. 

Why are CRM tools important to startups?

The second is Highrise, which is a CRM tool to put all of your contacts in one place. Think about it like this, it's a building and you've got people at every level. Highrise allows you to sort and put all of your people, your users, your clients in one place and connect with your customers on a regular basis. Highrise is our second favorite.

Last but not least is Intercom. We've actually integrated Intercom in some of the portfolio companies we have. Intercom is a site in which you can integrate the app on your website, customers can communicate with you and they can store those conversations on their dashboard. You can connect with users in real time. That's probably the differentiating factor between Intercom, Contactually, and Highrise, the real-time aspect, but all three of these are fantastic. They're all phenomenal CRM tools. Try them out. Check them out in your pursuit of America's next top startups.

Here are the best CRM software tools for startups (by

Here are the best CRM software tools for startups (by


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