The Official Rankings of the Top 5 Drone Hardware Startups

What are the best drone hardware startups in America? 

These top five are as follows:

The first is Lily. Lily. The second is Airware. The third is Skycatch. The fourth is Mavrx. The fifth is Hexo+, or Hexo.

The Official Rankings of the Best Drone Hardware Startups?

The Official Rankings of the Best Drone Hardware Startups?

When you think about drone companies, you have to think about drones in the sense of, sure, are they selling to consumers? Consumers who are excited about the potential to use a drone recreationally. Whether you're a snowboarder and you want to use a drone to follow you, which is one of our technological highlights here, or you're a skateboarder. Doesn't matter. Is there a consumer side to it, and is that consumer side potentially worth $1 billion plus in annual revenue, in annual income for the company. There's the business to consumer, selling GoPro-esque drones, or GoPros that are attached to drones often times, or cameras that are attached, and using that for consumer recreation, or is it B-to-B, business to business? We look at both of those angles. If we're going to invest in a drone company, at Angel Kings, and if I, as an expert in this industry can tell you that you've got to understand there're multiple potentials, there're opportunities on both fronts, B-to-C and B-to-B.

Lily has marketed their simple drone to the consumer who wants a portable drone they can use recreationally.

The first company we ranked is called Lily. Lily is a simple name. Lily has crowdfunded millions of dollars in drones vis-a-vis their previous Kickstarter campaign. I think they raised $1.5 or so up million in the Kickstarter campaign, which validates their product. People clearly loved it. They built a super cool drone with the simple ability to go in the air and follow you, if you've got a receiver that's synced up vis-a-vis RUF frequency. They're not necessarily the first to market, so to speak, but they've taken the best of best ideas of what is a simple drone that weighs very little, that you can put in your pocket, carry around with you, and do the fun things that you like to do, the adventurer in you likes to do.

Drones, as we expected, could be much bigger than GoPro itself if they actually do it correctly. I've said this in our book, Kings Over Aces, which you should check it out on Amazon. It's this idea that you can't just build a one-off product to expect to have a billion dollar company. You have to have multiple levels and multiple bar codes, so to speak, that people can purchase or else you will never be a billion dollar company. We do hope that Lily, through this exponential growth that they're experiencing will build out other products. That's their way to becoming a true company versus just a product. That's number 1 on our list.

The second is Airware, and Airware provides the infrastructure, the cloud data support for all companies. Instead of being the hot dog vendor selling the hot dogs, he'd rather be the guy producing the hot dogs in the manufacturing. That puts you in a better position. Airware is exactly that. They're the hot dog wholesaler in the industry. They've got the clouds and hardware platform for drone companies to build off of. Using that funny analogy, but that's sort of what Airware is. We see them becoming a multi-billion dollar operation as a result of the upward trend of drone creations, or drone products, rather.

Top Drone Startups

Skycatch is unique in the sense that they are targeting a niche industry, which is the construction industry. The way Skycatch works is it gives drone and aerial overviews of construction projects so that project managers and construction personnel can look thousands of feet above the air.  As a project manager you get a better holistic picture, in Skycatch's case, of what you can do from a construction point of view. It gives you an aerial view of the landscape, the buildings, the architecture, and as a project manager that could be worth hundreds if not millions of dollars in making better decisions about your construction. By the way, it could save you time, which in construction projects is everything. That's why we ranked them as our top 3. It's a unique, niche industry with growth potential in construction, literally and figuratively.

Mavrx are focusing on niche industries, such as the wine industry and farming, to help them understand their development with what's working and what's not working.

The fourth is Mavrx, which isn't necessarily the most self-promoting. I do have to disclose, I've invested in Mavrx.  They're not flashy, so to speak, about what they're up to, but I'll tell you what they're up to. They're hitting up niche industries using their drone and aerial landscaping capabilities,  such as the wine industry, and helping farmers understand their crops and their development with what's working, what's not working. In the commodities industry, those margins are so critical, so Mavrx's technology could be worth a lot, hundreds of thousands of dollars per person, if not more, based on making better-informed decisions.

As I mentioned earlier, they fit into the B-to-B side of this whole landscape, the drone hardware landscape. Mavrx has massive potential, and could, I hope, become a platform, like I mentioned, for Airware, where they then, for any farmer who's producing crops or goods, whether you're doing grapes in your vineyard, or you're producing some sort of crop, Mavrx is the platform where everybody goes to build. That's where I'd love to see Mavrx go, so that's why they're in the top 5.

Hexo, in the same vein as Lily, has a super cool platform for a self-flying camera using GoPro. They're not ranked number 1 in this case because I think Lily has a bit more potential, but, I have to say, in looking and in analyzing and researching the team, I love their team. I love the fact the one distinguishing thing about Hexo versus the other is that the integration with Hexo into your social media is exceptional. They give you the opportunity through Hexo to buy this drone, and then create this awesome aerial footage, and then integrate it and share it with your social media, which I think is the added layer that some of the other drone companies haven't been able to do yet. Big fan of both Lily and Hexo. Check them out.

Those are our top 5 drone hardware startups in American. They fit in both the B-to-C and the B-to-B side, and you should definitely check them out. From Mavrx, Lily, they're great companies.  If you want to learn, you want to get inside access to these companies and you want to either learn how to build your own top drone company or your next billion dollar company, make sure you check out our course and reserve your spot. It fills up every month, so do not miss out.

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