The Official Rankings of the Best Enterprise Startups

What are the top 5 enterprise startups?

The Official Top 5 Enterprise Startups

The Official Top 5 Enterprise Startups

Here are the top five enterprise start ups in America, and these are the ones that will become billion dollar companies if they're not already close at evaluation.

The first on our list is Slack App; the second is Buffer; the third is Docker; the fourth is Stripe; and the fifth is GitHub.

I want to just focus on the first couple here just to give you a sense of what enterprise means and also, why these companies have grown so significantly in a short amount of time. The first is Stewart's startup. Slack App is a company that has provided enterprise, which is sometimes considered a boring industry, a super easy way for companies to connect and to communicate. Traditionally, companies have this sort of scattered channels of communication.  What Slack does is it provides an opportunity to put all of these apps in one place, to put all of your communication tools in one place.

#Slack has provided companies an easy way to connect and communicate.

Stewart Butterfield is the founder. He has founded a bunch of cool companies, but he had this sort of idea, "What is the least sexy thing that could have the biggest, most sexy result for a company, and making more money as a company?" Slack App is a unified communication platform for any employee to communicate and keep this sort of dialogue going that makes your company great, that sort of transparency that a company needs. Slack App, which I'm sure you've heard of by now, is just absolutely revolutionizing the way companies communicate and collaborate. I'm a big fan of what's going on at Slack App. I see that accelerating and just being around a long time to change business processes in a good way, and communication in a good way.

Top Enterprise Startups

The second is a company we've mentioned quite frequently because we look at Buffer as the model for what other companies, whether you're B to B or B to C, should replicate. Buffer supplies enterprise Business to Business solutions to be more efficient, to make more money, to grow their company through HR, communication, whatever processes that they need to improve.  Buffer is a unified social media platform that allows any company, any employee at that company, to distribute all their great content, to distribute their message, their brand, to a wide audience of social media. We love what Buffer is doing, we think it could easily be a five, ten billion dollar company. They're not there now, but I can tell you their opportunity is massive. They have a loyal following of people, and as a company, they're one of the most transparent out there, and they help Business to Business like no other. Buffer is another one to check out.

The others fit within the same frame, some of which you heard. Docker, which is more for web developers. Stripe is e-commerce, and it's a brilliant team out of Ireland who has changed e-commerce for the better. Then GitHub, which is a company that provides repositories, or "reports", for web developers. These are the top five enterprise startups. Again, just to distinguish B to B, which is enterprise, that is Business to Business, these are solutions that can help your company be great.

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What do all of these top 5 enterprise startups have in common that make them successful?