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What are user analytics tools?

The Top 5 User Analytics Software Tools for Startups

The Top 5 User Analytics Software Tools for Startups

What are the five top user analytics software tools? First off, what are user analytics tools? User analytics is about understanding how a user, the end consumer, is going to use your product or your service. They, more often than not, are website based. They help startups answer the following questions: "What's our traffic? What is the traffic to our website and what does it look like?  How are people utilizing the different parts of our site that ends up being a conversion?" By having the right analytics software tools embedded within a startup's website, it can make a big difference.

There are processes called A/B testing. Essentially A/B testing is taking several variations, or two variations, of your website and directing traffic toward an A version and a B version. What analytics software tools can tell you is how those users are using each side. They allow you to predict whether or not a person wants to buy or whether the consumer is interested in buying will convert. If they convert, they pull out their credit card, and you give them the product that you've promised them. User analytics software tools lets you know which customers are promising and which ones are just looking around.

How do you know your site visitors will convert?

How are user analytics software useful to startups?

How are user analytics software useful to startups?

What are our top five user analytics tools at Angel Kings, our official ranking of the best. Here they are. Number one is Google Analytics. Number two is a site called Segment. Number three is a site called Mixpanel. Number four is Optimizely, whom we've ranked on other parts of our website, our other rankings that we've created, as well as number five, Kissmetrics. I have to say, all of these were the closest, the closest by far of any other rankings we've done at Angel Kings. The reason we ended up ranking the best as Google Analytics is because for startups, there are a few things that matter. That includes affordability, usability, ease of use rather, usability ... Those are the same interchangeably, as well as customer service.

At all fronts, Google Analytics wins hand over feet because they provide a free service for you to asses how your users are actually facilitated on your website, how they're using your website and whether they're converting. By using Google Analytics, you can embed a simple java script code on your site and get real time access and real time information on your users, who they are, where they're coming from, the referral traffic. You can then, after using Google Analytics and understanding and interpreting the behavior of your users, then convert higher. If you want to learn more about how to build a billion dollar startup, if you're an investor or startup, it doesn't matter, you need to go check out our course at I'm Ross Blankenship, founder of Angel Kings, and the author of the best selling book on startups called "Kings Over Aces." Look forward to helping you too.



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