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UT-Austin Texas Longhorns Top Startup Companies on Campus

UT-Austin Texas Longhorns Top Startup Companies on Campus

How to Give to UT-Austin's Alumni Fund:

 I'm from Texas myself and I believe very strongly in the wonderful community that UT-Austin has fostered, not only amongst the undergraduates but as well as the business school of McCombs. McCombs School of Business is one of the top notch business schools in the world. If you're an alum listening to this message, I want to show you and tell you about a way you can give back by investing in the next generation of Longhorn's top start-up companies.

UT-Austin Top Startups on Campus:

 The first thing we can help you with is helping you become a Longhorn's mentor for top start-ups, emerging room dorm founders and companies that are within the start-up ecosystem at UT-Austin.

The McCombs School of Business:

 Second thing we can help you do is to give you the opportunity to speak at campus events at UT-Austin, both in the undergraduate as well as McCombs School of Business.

UT-Austin's Angel Investors

 Third thing we can help you with is by giving you the opportunity to invest in Longhorn specific targeted VC funds. These are venture capital funds that target UT-only based, exclusively founded startups by Longhorns entrepreneurs. We're one of the only companies in the world, the only venture capital firms, with that capability.  If you're a University of Texas alumnus, this is the best way to help build the next generation of UT start-ups in UT and have an impact, for that matter, on science and technology worldwide.

 These VC funds that we have are custom built for Longhorns alumni. If that fits you and you want this opportunity, all you have to do is go to invest in top university startups

Learn about UT-Austin's most successful startups and angel investors support the Alumni community at the University of Texas.


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