UT-Austin Alumni: Most Famous Graduates and Notable Longhorns

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Who are the Most Famous UT-Austin Longhorns?

#1 Michael Dell

The number one on our list is Michael Dell. The Founder of Dell computers who attended UT-Austin intending to become a doctor; Dell was a pre-med student there, but dropped out, spent a thousand of his own dollars and his savings and built up what is known as Dell Computers. He's worth around $15-$20 billion, so he took his entrepreneurial mindset from UT Austin, or maybe just what he was born with, and what he was nurtured at UT to inspire him and created a multinational corporation. He also has given back quite generously through the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation to establish medical schools as well as a new computer science building at the University of Texas at Austin, so at the UT Austin campus. Michael Dell is number one on our list.


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#2 Most Famous Longhorn: Rex Tillerson

Number two on our list is Rex Tillerson. Rex Tillerson, who went to University of Texas at Austin, graduated in 1975 received his bachelor of science in civil engineering, now runs one of the largest multinational corporations in the world, known as Exxon Mobil. So, Exxon Mobil, he took his engineering degree from UT Austin, one of the best universities in the world and joined the Exxon company in 1975 as an engineer, held a bunch of positions until he continued to be elevated due to his superior management skills and now runs Exxon Mobil.

#3 Most Famous Longhorn: Red McCombs

 The third on our list, probably needs no introduction to the UT Austin community, and that's Red McCombs, who if you know the business school, McHolmes business school, he's not just been a philanthropic guy, but he started the McCombs School of Business, donated to create the McCombs business school after having attended University of Texas at Austin. After, by the way, a stent in the army and he's the type of guy who went on to create a billion dollar enterprise in Clear Channel Communications. He's a former owner of the San Antonio Spurs, the Denver Nuggets, Minnesota Vikings. So, Red McHolmes is definitely a name to know. 


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