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Most Famous UVA Alumni, CEOs & Graduates

UVA's Alumni Network - University of Virginia

UVA's Alumni Network - University of Virginia

Who are UVA's top most famous alumni and notable graduates?

This is Ross Blankenship, founder of Angel King, as well as an investor in some of UVA's top start-ups where we have specialized funds that target specific UVA alums as well as engineering alum. Phenomenal founders and entrepreneurs who are making a big difference in science and technology. The three founders that we've ranked here include the following people, some of which you've heard their name and others you haven't but they're still doing great work in the entrepreneurial space.

Frank Batten - The Weather Channel Founder

 Frank Batten, who co-founded The Weather Channel, he attended UVA where he received his undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. Went on and joined several newspaper operations and then created The Weather Channel back in the 80s. In fact, The Weather Channel debuted back in 1982. The Weather Channel, which many people thought it was a crazy idea. Why would people watch the weather 24/7, but he built quite a cult following. In the process, built his own fortune estimated to be worth up to $2.3 billion before he passed in 2009 at the age of 82. 

Famous UVA Alumni & Notable Graduates of University Of Virginia

Famous UVA Alumni & Notable Graduates of University Of Virginia

Paul Tudor Jones - Famous Investor

The second on our list is Paul Tudor Jones, he's an American businessman. He founded Tudor Investment Corporation, which is a private asset management company and a hedge fund. It's estimated to be worth around $4 to $5 billion by Forbes Magazine. He went to the University of Virginia and graduated with an undergraduate degree in Economics in 1976. It's kind of cool too, he's also a welter weight boxing champion. He started his career at the infamous E. F. Hutton and Co., as a trader and then broke off and created his own hedge fund and private asset management company that continues to do good things. In fact, his philanthropic ventures include The Robin Hood Foundation, which he established in 1988 to help focus on poverty reduction. That's Paul Tudor Jones.

Eric Anderson - Planetary Resources

The third on the list is probably somebody you've never heard of before, but through personal experience I'm aware and I know Eric Anderson who is an entrepreneur aerospace engineer and also the founder of a company that I've invested in called Planetary Resources. Eric is a sort of perfect combination of scientist, engineer and also businessperson who attended UVA back in '94 and jumped on and grew a strong interest in NASA and space development. He's actually one of the only people in the world who created eight missions for privately funded individuals to go to the International Space Station. He's been doing that and has continued to do great work through Planetary Resources which is just a newer venture that was established to do, literally, asteroid mining and spacial, aerospace viewing and mapping for companies. He's maybe not somebody you've heard of thus far, but he's now just dominating and taking names in the space industry. 

Those are the top three most famous and some, I would say, the third being soon to be famous for his work with Planetary Resources. Those are the top three that I would recommend you find out more about and, in fact, if you want to invest in a UVA-specific top start-up, we work directly with some of the most amazing UVA startup founders. 

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