The Best Venture Capital - VC Funds in the World

Each year, the Angel Kings' team prepares a list of the best venture capital (VC) firms and funds in the world.  These venture capital funds are ones we prefer to work with as we make investments in startups, early-stage companies, Seed rounds and Series A, B, C and beyond.  What makes an excellent venture capital firm? Making money, lots of money, of course. The top venture capital firms made billions in profits. The amounts are staggering. They were lucky enough to invest in startups that achieved multiple billions in market capitalization.

If you're searching for the best VC funds for startup investing and private equity and capital allocation, look no further:

Ranking of the Top Venture Capital Firms

The managers of these private equity funds had a clever eye to capture emerging opportunities with venture capital financing. They made investments that got in early and went for a wild upside ride as the companies funded by these private equity firms gained serious traction in the market place.

Investment Companies - Venture Capital & Private Equity

Here is a list of the top ten venture capital firms and the partners responsible for the investment success in reverse order, showing the best of the investment companies last:

Number 10 - GVV Capital led by partner Jenny Lee
Jenny Lee invested in the Chinese company Xiaomi, supporting the company early with angel capital, and then funding its growth. Xiaomi turned out to be the highest valued private company startup in the world. They make smartphones and Xiaomi has a market value of US$45 billion.

Number 9 - Benchmark Capital led by partner Bill Gurley
Bill Gurley’s big win was investing in Uber Technologies. He backed the company at an early stage as part of an angel capital group. He serves on the board of Uber and the company is now worth US$40 billion.

Number 8 - Sequoia Capital Group China led by Neil Shen
Neil Shen runs the Sequoia operation in China. He started as an entrepreneur as a co-founder of CTrip, which is the largest travel booking system in China. He also made a substantial early investment in Alibaba, which had a record-setting IPO in 2014. He is now a billionaire.

Number 7 - Meritech Capital Partners led by Paul Madera
Meritech has been in the top ten list for five years in a row. They made early investments in Facebook and in the Chinese company that paid off handsomely.

Number 6 - Sequoia Capital (USA) led by Doug Leone
He scored big with the security company called FireEye, which now has a US$6.5 billion valuation.

Number 5 - Baseline Ventures led by Steve Anderson
They were the very first investor in Instagram as part of an angel network. They also invested in Twitter, which went public. They made another investment in MachineZone that released the popular game entitled “Game of War.”

Number 4 - First Round Capital led by Josh Kopelman
This is the one East Coast firm in the top ten. Their investment in OnDeck Capital paid off tremendously with an IPO in December 2014. They also invested in LinkedIn, Appnexus, and Warby Partner that makes eyeglasses.

Number 3 - Lowercase Capital led by Chris Sacca
Lowercase Capital has been in the top ten for five years in a row. They have a 3% investment stake in Uber Technologies that has a market capitalization of US$40 billion, making that single investment worth US$1.2 billion. They also hold a large investment position in Twitter.

Number 2 - Benchmark Capital led by Peter Finch
Benchmark Capital appears twice on this list based on the successful investments made by another venture capital partner Peter Finch. Peter led Benchmark to be in the top ten list eight times. Peter made early investments in Twitter and New Relic. New Relic went public in 2014 and now has a US$1.5 billion valuation.

Number 1 - Sequoia Capital (USA) led by Jim Geotz
Sequoia Capital was number one in 2014 and holds the same position in 2015 thanks to the clever investments made by Jim Goetz. Jim is responsible for Sequoia Capital being on the top ten list for five consecutive years. The big win was the US$19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook. Sequoia Capital was an early investor and the only investor in WhatsApp. Sequoia also made money on the recent IPO of Palo Alto Networks.

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