VC Referral and Partnerships

Venture Capital Scout Program with Angel Kings

We're looking for partners to refer startups to our deal flow. If you know of the next billion dollar startup, they're raising money, then refer them to Angel Kings. We offer a venture capital scout program, whereby you'll be able to source top startups and be rewarded for doing so.

We're also looking to partner with angel investors, brokers and institutional funds. If you refer any investor to our firm and they invest money, we'll give you a bonus. 

What we do:

Angel Kings give you access to invest in the top startups. With dedicated venture capital, angel investing, and syndicated VC funds targeting high growth startups with private equity. Angel Kings' private equity provides opportunities for accredited investors through SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) rules and regulations. If you are an angel investor, or venture capitalist and would like to invest in startups, Angel Kings will provide you with access to the best startups today.

  • Invest in top 1% startups.

  • Provide investors with advisory positions.

  • Maintain the highest due diligence in the industry.

Our customers:

Top Startups

Accredited Investors

Why you should partner with us: 

If we invest in the startup, you'll receive 1% of our investment. We do not guarantee that your referral will lead to an investment of any kind.

If we receive an investor referral, you'll receive up to 2% (net of fees) of their investment in Angel Kings 

Between the two referrals, you have massive potential to make a return on your partnership.  

Want to get accepted as a VC Scout?

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