How To Donate To UCLA As An Alumni

This is Ross Blankenship, founder of Angel Kings, a top venture capital firm that invests in university specific awesome startups. As a prior alum of UCLA, I want to give you inside access into how you can become involved and give back to UCLA by investing in UCLA's next top startups. These are the best future startups that are leading the generation of Bruins to the next level.

First, become a UCLA mentor. The UCLA mentor that is for top startups, emerging dorm room founders at UCLA. The good news about Angel Kings is we can help you with that. Many of the investors in our university specific funds actually get the opportunity to serve not just as mentors but future board of directors for great companies coming out of UCLA, so it's a great win-win for all parties, you as an investor, but also as an alum as well as the startup so it can learn from your tutelage.


The second is that we are very much aware of all the things that are happening at UCLA, the campus events, the entrepreneurship events, the student-led competitions for startups, and so we'll integrate you within those and give you the opportunity to even potentially be a judge for some of those competitions at the Business School.

The third way that you can become involved and really support the UCLA community and the startups therein is to invest in UCLA specific targeted funds. These are only for UCLA alumni, so just UCLA entrepreneurs connecting with UCLA alum in various industries and creating that and fostering those strong startup relationships. UCLA is not endorsing or affiliating this by any means, however as a UCLA alum, you can have a direct impact by investing in these UCLA startups and continuing the generation of success that's come out as a Bruin. These are custom built UCLA only accessible funds and to learn about those, check out AngelKings.com/invest. If you're a Bruin, you've got to go to that site. It's AngelKings.com/invest. Make sure you indicate that you're coming from UCLA.

Listen, my name is Ross Blankenship. I'm the founder of AngelKings as well as an investor in many UCLA backed startups. Check out AngelKings.com/invest and start supporting your community. 

Learn more about how to donate to UCLA as an alum. Visit AngelKings.com/invest today!

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