Website Hosting Tools for Startups:

Top 5 Tools To Create and Host Your Startup's Website and Start Connecting with Customers

Here are the top 5 websites to host your startup's website.

Here are the top 5 websites to host your startup's website.

How Can You Create and Launch Your Website Without Any UI/UX Knowledge?

Let's look at the top five websites for web hosting. What is web hosting? It's a place in which you, as a start up or a new company, can put your website's domain while you build your website into what could potentially be successful for E-commerce, your startup service, or your startup's product. It's important that you realize that most web hosting sites that are listed here are subscription based. There is a per month fee which generally ranges between $5 on the low end to about up to $200 or more on the high end as you scale your business.

As a start up, besides scaling your business, you always think about how to spend your money wisely. For example, if you're a startup that’s just getting off the ground, and you've got a website hosting fee of $20 to $30 a month, that adds up. Number one on our list without a doubt is Squarespace. We actually host our own venture capital company,, on Squarespace. We've got other portfolio companies in which we have invested that also use Squarespace.


Why Do We Like Squarespace?

It's easy to use and has an all-in-one capability. It allows companies to create a custom domain. Squarespace is absolutely the best out there. We've got many many domains and portfolio companies that use it. Squarespace ranges anywhere between $9 on the low end up to $100 or more per month as you grow your company. Another nice thing about Squarespace are the templates. Instead of just custom building out your CSS or your UI/UX, Squarespace provides you with templates to choose from so you can build out your site. Import and drag/drop images. My favorite thing about Squarespace is it's SEO capabilities. It's got an all in one capability where you can have an affordable custom domain; utilize Google analytics; have awesome SEO; and really build out a company...while saving serious money.

There are other options for you to consider as you get to a more complex site. Let's say you're not using a template, or for example, you want to build up a custom coded website via Ruby, Python or PHP.  Maybe you've got a web app. In that case you might look at Amazon Web Services. You might look at Bluehost or Strikingly. Strikingly allows you to create a one page site to see what the demand is -  basically an MVP site for your MVP product.  

If you have any questions, reach out to us and hopefully you'll have the opportunity to take our course. Good luck.

Which of these top 5 web hosting platforms fit your website needs?

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