Join our investors as we've found the next billion-dollar startups within biotech, blockchain and cybersecurity.


We're a Venture Capital and Private Equity Group that is Focused on:


[Biotechnology] = Drug Discovery, Development, Immunotherapy.

[Blockchain] = Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Decentralized Apps.

[Cybersecurity] = Quantum computing, AI-Driven security and mitigation. 

Who are the Angel Kings?

Angel Kings is a #1 top-ranked, early-stage angel investing and venture capital group with investors seeking better returns and a greater impact on society.

We discover and invest in the fastest-growing, and next big startups that are changing industries and revolutionizing the way we live.


Angel Kings Company "Official Review,"
4.97 stars – 588 reviews


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Our angel investing group includes...

Hundreds of top-ranked angel investors and venture capitalists in biotech, blockchain, and cybersecurity.

*Be part and join our successful investments in the next IPOs and top startups.


Venture Capital Focused on Biotech, Blockchain, and Cybersecurity Investments.

Venture Capital & Angel Investing


Definition: the Angel Investor is an affluent person providing capital for startups or entrepreneurs to grow, in return for equity. Most angel investors have been entrepreneurs themselves and want to get in on the action.  Here's why: there was more than $40 billion worth of  biotech startup and angel investments in the past two years.  Biotech, blockchain and cybersecurity are the future.  Come join us.

If you are an angel investor and want to join our group, apply today.



Each month we receive thousands of applications from the best startups looking for investments.  We only invest in a select group of startups each year as we employ a proprietary method (The Blankenship Valuation Method) for evaluating the best startups to invest in - primarily focused on American startups with high growth potential.

These startups are raising funds to become the next Facebook, Tesla or Google... is your startup next?


High-Net Worth accredited Investors


An accredited investor is defined as someone whose net worth is over $1 million or has earned over $200,000 in the past two years ($300,000 if joint with spouse) and expects to earn the same amount this year. The person must have access to capital and be able to make investments up to $50,000 or more.

You must be a high-net worth accredited investor, qualified purchaser or institutional investor, to invest through Angel Kings' VC Firm and Angel Fund.

 Newly released, #1 Book for Startups and Entrepreneurs - "The Investing King"

Newly released, #1 Book for Startups and Entrepreneurs - "The Investing King"


We've Found the Top 1% of Startups in America...

The Pre-IPOs and winners, and the next big discoveries within industries such as Biotech, Blockchain and Cybersecurity.       

Invest in biotech startups with our all-star VC funds.

Angel Kings is a venture capital & angel investing fund and platform for technology investing in cybersecurity, biotech, software startups - for accredited investors established by the JOBS Act of 2012.  We target venture capital investments in high-growth, pre-IPO startups companies.  We invest in the earliest stages of each startup's life cycle - from seed to IPO rounds.

As angel investors with a passion for successful startups, we know what the hottest startups are in different sectors.  Now we're ready to share these startups and next big companies with you.

Click here to view some startups that Angel Kings have ranked as the most promising startups to invest today.

Newest Updates from Our Angel Investor & Venture Capital Funds: 


In 2018 and 2019, we're launching our latest VC fund.

The Angel Kings' "Pre-IPO Angel Rising Fund II" is dedicated to three fast-growing sectors: biotechnology, blockchain, and cybersecurity. 

Our Venture Capital Fund is only open to accredited investors at this time. 

Learn how to invest in these startups and venture capital funds by completing our contact form and getting in touch with our VC experts and private equity leaders, to begin investing private capital in early, mid, and late-stage startups.  

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 Venture Capital and Angel Investing for Biotech, Cybersecurity, and Blockchain startups.

Venture Capital and Angel Investing for Biotech, Cybersecurity, and Blockchain startups.

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Get our #1 Bestselling Books on Venture Capital and Angel Investing in Startups.



Learn more about venture capital and angel investing from the expert on how to invest in startups, Ross D. Blankenship.

Kings Over Aces provides tips, guidelines and startup rankings for the potential VC investor and angel investors who wants to learn how to get started in venture capital and angel investing.

Cyber Nation discusses the importance of the growing cybersecurity industry due to the cyber attacks toward health insurance companies, media companies and even the U.S. government.  The book also includes rankings of the hottest cybersecurity startups that have since emerged due to people's increasing need for cyber defense.

We also released our latest book on investing - "The Investing King" - which chronicles the journey of how Angel Kings came into existence, and why we've been successful in finding and investing in the next successful startups.


Along with our leading biotechnology funds, we also invest in medical cybersecurity focused on protecting hospital, patients and physicians.  When the opportunity is right and the economics and control make sense for our investing partners, our venture capital fund provides investments in the fastest-growing, hottest startups around the world.  



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